„Potato Chips Day” – March 14th


Believe it or not, but on March 14, the United States of America officially celebrates their „Potato Chips Day” every year. So, when this Thursday a suspicious rustling of chip bags, or secretly nibbling on potato chips among your students in your classroom can be heard at school ….. well, the world is very globalized today.

” (……) our National Potato Chip Day every year celebrates our ever popular potato chip. Potato chips are America’s #1 snack food.
It is hard to believe that the world’s most famous snack food began as a joke. Potato chips were first made in 1853 while Commodore Cornelius  Vanderbilt was on vacation in New York.  At one restaurant, he kept  sending his fried potatoes back to the kitchen because he said they were „too thick”.  The chef, George Crum, decided that he would cut them  into paper-thin slices, boil them in oil, fry them, and salt them as a  joke to the Commodore.  It backfired.  They became an instant success  and the restaurant was well known for them.
It wasn’t until the early 20th century that potato chips expanded from restaurant food and started selling in bags. Flavored chips were born in the 1950′s by a small independent manufacturer who then sold the concept to the larger corporations. As junk food goes, potato chips contain only 3 ingredients (potatoes, oil, salt).
Potato chips sales are over $15B (!!!) a year worldwide. They tally up about one third of all savory snacks.

While we call them potato chips, a lot of our overseas friends outside the US use the word crisps. A single serving of potato chips, 1 ounce,  contains 150 calories, 10 grams of fat and 180mg of salt. That’s  less than 10% of the daily calories of most people, about 15% of the  fat, and 8% of the maximum sodium intake. (…..) ” Additionally, he sent me a link to his favorite recipe of homemade potato chips. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/potato-chips/

Teacher: Cerassela Anghel

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