International Project: Traditional Food for Easter

Dear Students,

In Germany there is  a (joke)-saying that certainly you can find in many other languages ​​in a similar form: German: „Liebe geht durch den Magen.” English: „The way to a person’s heart often is through his stomach.”
As I said, it’s a joke-saying but a somewhat interesting one from time to time. So we just wondered, what kind of delicious Easter dishes/food are your students (and/or you) are enjoying during the Easter holiday 2013 at home in your special region this year?
If you want,  send us the names of some of those dishes/food briefly. (If possible for you, we would also appreciate a current photo of your class.) We will try to compile some information about these dishes/food and then present them for all other teachers and their students at Todd’s Project before Easter this year globally.
Teacher, C. Anghel

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