Poveste cu talc!

I share one of my favorite fairy tales.

There was an unscrupulous villain who fell in love with a lovely maiden. The maiden refused to marry the man declaring that he did not have a kind face. The man sought a mask maker who made a special mask and fitted it to the man’s face.

This time the man wooed the girl and won her. One day, years later, an old enemy sought out the man and, in the presence of the man’s wife, tore off the mask. But when the mask was
removed, a kind face was revealed. The man had become what he had practiced day by day.

Practice every day being the person you would like to be, and you will become that person.

Have a very nice and calm vacantion!

Cerassela Anghel

PS. 8th graders, see you on Wednesday at the English test! I will be there, part of the board of examiners! Good luck!


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  1. It’s a very nice fairy tale – I suppose English is not your first language, but the story was written very nicely.

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